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Artist in Residence: 2BD


I was the Artist in residence for Two Bronze Doors gallery/studio in Dallas, TX for part of 2013. We hosted collaborative music and art showcases and gallery openings.    https://facebook.com/TwoBronzeDoors [...]

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Discrete TV-B-Gone


This is my interpretation of the Tv-B-Gone, originally developed by Cornfield Electronics. This was a very fun project to build. I have produced several different versions of this device, all of [...]

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ULNAE interactive electronics


For my collaborative music project with Lily Taylor, I developed electronic kits for educational workshops, live performance, and ongoing demonstration of electronic creations through experimental music act: ULNAE from Denton, [...]

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Flaming Lips Oscillator


I was commissioned by Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips to build custom-designed light-reactive sculptural instrument, which was actively used for a solo noise performance during their 2011 tour.  It was [...]

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Animatronic Dinosaur Fabrication


From 2008-2013, I became a senior Artist and Art Directors Assistant, Billings Productions, aka The Dinosaur Company & The Giant Bug Company.  Previous positions rotated through Lead Painter, Sculptor and [...]

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