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LadyBrains Press

image by Steve Rainwater Jeremy Hallock interviewed me and Haley for an article about LadyBrain Studios recently. http://www.dallasobserver.com/music/deep-ellums-lady-brain-studios-specializes-in-bizarre-noise-toys-for-musicians-7181711

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Mecca Design and Production

In 2015, I had the honor of working as a Freelance Artist at Mecca Design and Productions. Together, we worked on 3d prototyping and fabricating utilizing 3D powder printers and MultiCam CNC mills. http://meccadesign.com/

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Arduino Robotics workshop

I helped co-teach an intro to animatronics and programming with Arduino with Oguz Yetkin, Ph.D. For the workshop, we created a 'copycat' that used potentiometers and servos to mimick the movements of an animatronic creature to show the relationship between analog values and servo outputs.

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Lighting relay commission

In 2013, I was commissioned to build a programmed high amperage light sequencer installation at the MAC gallery for New Media Professor Jenny Vogel.  Units were designed to be motion triggered to respond in morse code for a several month long installation. http://the-mac.org/2013/12/art-talk-with-jenny-vogel-121813/

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Perot Museum workshop

In 2013, I organized and taught a soldering workshop for 20 students at the Perot Museum, Dallas, TX.  We assembled light theremin kits and each student was able to leave with a completed instrument.   http://www.ladybrainstudios.com/works/workshops/

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