Darcy has continued to teach electronics workshops and ongoing learning series that focus on electronics and audio.   These workshops have been taught at various schools and hackerspaces across the U.S. such as the School of Art Institute in Chicago, The Perot Museum of Science, Portland Northwest College of Art, S1 of Portland, OR, Dallas Makerspace, Pumping Station: One Chicago Hackerspace, and many more.  To inquire about hosting a workshop in your space, send an email inquiry to


“Exploring Soft Circuitry” workshop atMake+Think+Code lab at PNCA



Sensing the world with Pure Data//DIY MIDI Controller workshop taught with Hugo Paris at the Make+Think+Code lab at PNCA


Intro to soldering and breadboarding audio circuits workshop at Pumping Station: One with Jesse Seay

Workshop kits for the Synthesis workshop I taught at NMASS in Austin, TX


Kits I put together for the ‘Intro to experimental synthesis’ workshop at Columbia College, Chicago.


Students experimenting with their freshly built circuits at Columbia College in Chicago


A HUGE thanks to OshPark for helping make these workshops possible through their generous PCB fabrication donations!  These PCBs were used for my synthesis workshop with Nicolas Collins at the School of Art Institute in Chicago: SAIC.

SAIC Electronics Workshop
SAIC Electronics Workshop


Images from a synth exploration workshop I taught at Oil and Cotton with the assistance of LadyBrain Studios co-founder Haley Moore


Around 2013 I taught a synth soldering workshop at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Tx.  These kits were based on the circuit design I created for Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, who used the design during his “Sleeping on the Roof” tour.

He used a compact version while on tour, and I later created a custom enclosure for him as a commission.