The current state of things

I have begun the process of rebuilding my entire site.  Please stand by while content is being updated.  For the most part, my work content has been focused towards my production art company, LadyBrain Studios.  We build custom electronic solutions with an emphasis in physical computing and immersive lighting.

LED matrix video wall installation

In summer ’16 I was commissioned to create a large-scale led matrix video wall installation to accompany steel plasma cut sculpture by Michael Christopher Matson.  I created a ~4’x8′ led matrix. The LEDs are controlled with 4 Fadecandies on a raspberry pi with a HDMI touchscreen interface. The panel was initially milled with a CNC machine to get even spacing, and the touchscreen is enclosed in a parametric 3d printed case. Construction and raspberry pi configuration was done by me, and the video controller and touchscreen interface by Daniel Bornhorst.

Circuit Breaker collaborative show at TWU

In early 2016 I was a part of a collaborative immersive electronic installation show, Circuit Breaker, featuring solo works by myself, Michael A. Morris, and Luke Hardnen at the TWU art gallery.  Featuring installations receiving interactive data from the internet, harnessed through the use of raspberry pis, Arduinos, and maxMSP installations, we created an immersive experience and hosted an artist discussion panel to complete the event.

Digital Dallas/Tech Week interactive install

I was commissioned by Digital Dallas and Tech Week to create interactive electronic installations utilizing interactive sound sculptures and OpenFrameworks driven interactive projections

I worked on two different installations for this event.  One was an interactive seating installation that  I (LadyBrain Studios) created in collaboration with Multiforms.  It had two custom CNC milled seating arrangements with were installed with LEDs and transducer speakers.  There was a central control station loaded with ultrasonic distance sensors that would change the illumination, speed, and frequency response of the seating arrangement.

Flaming Lips interactive LED sculptures

For most of 2015, I worked on a series of commissions from Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips to build custom sculptural light and sound circuits.  Created through my production studio LadyBrain Studios, we worked with various mediums such as circuit design, custom programmed sound processing, 3D printed and CNC Milled cases, molded and cast crystal clear resin designs.