XIOIX was a collaboration between Darcy Neal, Lily Taylor, and Haultaine III Our album was released through Fantasy 1 records


  Ulnae was a performance art/music collaboration between cellist and electronic instrument maker, Darcy Neal and synth

Solo music of Darcy Neal

Darcy Neal Bandcamp Dallas Observer music blog article/interview about my artwork and electronics “Their sounds are dark


Drc//Erc is the dark ambient collaboration of Darcy Neal and Erin Cooper. Performance during Pink Noise II, curated by Sarah T

Bludded Head

I performed electric cello with Bludded Head for their first two albums while living in Tx.  They continued to tour until Ne

Wind chime installation / audio collaboration

In 2018 I helped Thomas Hudson develop the audio content for his windchime project along with the help of several other folks

Flaming Lips interactive LED sculptures

MIDI Workshop @ PNCA

Soft Circuitry workhsop @ PNCA

Cascade Fab Lab

led touch wall

4MS Company work

Monolith Synth for Adam Savage’s Tested and Bay Area Maker Faire ’17

Flaming Lips Oscillator

LED mirror for CTRLH

Chicago-based Electronic Workshop Series

LED matrix video wall installation

Circuit Breaker collaborative art show at TWU

#lovebomb interactive twitter LED map

Digital Dallas/Tech Week interactive install: Dance Wall

Dallas Observer article about my work


Electronics workshop for New Media Art & Sound Summit 2016

Oil and Cotton Electronic workshop

Digital Dallas/Tech Week interactive install: Interactive furniture

Signal Culture Residency


led mirror gift for the Dallas Makerspace

Early Electronics Works

LadyBrains Press

LadyBrain Studio Begins…

Mecca Design and Production

Arduino Robotics workshop

Commissioned Lighting Installation for the MAC Gallery

Perot Museum Electronics workshop

Currents: New Media Santa Fe Installation Assistance

Stipend for bronze casting

PGH Artist Residency ’13

Discrete TV-B-Gone

Artist in Residence: 2BD

Animatronic Dinosaur and Insect Fabrication

early fine art works

My original mediums of choice were ceramics and painting.  I was adamant about working with ceramics because I felt that it w