Darcy is a new media artist, cyborg, maker, and educator with a rich background in sculpture, electronics, and experimental music. Continuing a lifelong interest in the arts, they originally explored the creation of unique audio and visual instruments in 2007 and developed custom electronic curiosities for clients such as Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) and other experimental musicians. After the discovery of the makerspace model in 2013, their work transformed as they incorporated new practices using rapid prototyping equipment. Over the years, their artistic journey has traversed a broad spectrum of interests, predominantly focusing on interactive installations and experimental circuitry. They design innovative machines that merge sensory experiences and invoke new ways of interaction with these mediums. As a teaching artist, Darcy has been actively involved in conducting electronics workshops, focusing on electronic design and experimental circuitry. Their expertise has been shared in hackerspaces, tech conferences, and universities across the world.

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