Ulnae was a performance art/music collaboration between cellist and electronic instrument maker, Darcy Neal and synth looping songstress,  Lily Taylor.   Their style ranges from ethereal layered vocals to experimental noise and implements live-manipulated visuals and performance art through amplified movements, handmade headdresses, and visual reinforcements.

 ULNAE from our show @ the Green House in Austin for HIQC multimedia showcase.  Photo by VJ Greekfire Projections by Sean Miller  

Ulnae Facebook

ULNAE was featured on the Gutterth Compilation 4, which is a great time capsule of some of the music that was happening in Denton around that time.

 Dallas Observer Interview with ULNAE for the Gutterth Showcase

Video where I talk about the importance of Ulnae in my personal work @ 2:27

An early, noisy Ulnae live performance @ the Green House in Austin, TX for HIQC’s multimedia art show, 2012  Live Video by VJ Greekfire

Ulnae live performance at the Moncayo house 12/20/13

Listing of some of our old shows can be found at ulnaemusic.com

ulnae business card and cd