Discrete TV-B-Gone

This is my interpretation of the Tv-B-Gone, originally developed by Cornfield Electronics. This was a very fun project to build. I have produced several different versions of this device, all of which are housed with very discrete packaging so that bystanders will not realize where the remote signal is coming from. The display case folds up nicely into a suitcase, which comes equipped with a shoulder strap, so this can be displayed on the go.

tv-b-gone display box

Another view of the display case. These particular devices were hidden inside of cigarette packages. (Only the additive free varieties, of course)


This is some of the circuit boards for the tv-b-gones. The circuit boards were hand-etched.


This is another prototype for a cigarette case being used as a disguise. All components would be hidden inside the metal case so that there would be no components showing when the lid was closed.