Early Electronics Works

This is a demo video covering some of my electronic works from 2011-2013.  These are images of some of the circuitbent work that I had created over the years, which I performed with onstage and sold as custom commissions.

Interactive seashell synth. Each shell had a pressure sensor underneath it so it could be pressed to produce a variable pitch.
This was a light-reactive synthesizer I installed inside of a gutted radio. The power button for the radio was repurposed to control the sound output of the synthesizer.
This was a sound synthesizer I housed inside of an old instamatic camera. The audio jacks were placed inside the viewfinder so it could be connected to an external speaker.
This was a custom circuitbent creation made for the band Asex Tapes. I made the tape deck detachable so that it could be incorporated for added audio manipulation.
These were custom made circuitbent creations which I used for several years during performances. The unit was derived from a tape deck which had a built-in echo effect, which was the source for the majority of the bends. Much thanks to Casper Electronics for detailing some of the best bends available for this unit.

This was the first circuit I ever made.  All components built inside for standalone use.  Played like a keyboard with pitchbend photocell.  Can opener required to change batteries.

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