Monolith Synth

For the 2017 Bay Area Maker Faire, I helped create an interactive synthesizer for Paul Stoffregen, the creator of Teensy Microcontrollers.  We displayed the synthesizer in the Kickstarter booth during the event.  Paul had successfully kickstarted his new Teensy 3.6 and wanted to build a synthesizer that showcased some of its potentials, so he commissioned me from LadyBrain Studios, Ross Fish of Moffenzeef Modular, Ben Davis of Malekko to build an interactive synthesizer to take to the Bay Area Maker Faire.  Together we created a multifunctional synthesizer we called the ‘Monolith Synth’.

I and Paul flew to SFo ahead of the event to assemble the synthesizer with the crew from Tested.

Check out this detailed post on the DorkBotPDX page with links to the design files for this project.

This was the display card included with the demos

We had less than a month to complete the project, but with the other talented members on the team, we were able to create a durable and collaborative synth in time for the Bay Area Maker Faire.

The kids at the event had a blast interacting with the monolith synthesizer.

We won a ‘best in class’ award for our creation, Thanks Bay Area Maker Faire and Kickstarter!