Pathlighter PCB

The Pathlighter PCB, initially known as the Glow Club PCB, is a wearable piece of PCB art crafted for the community.
It serves a dual purpose: as a practical tool for teaching about LEDs and soldering, and as a creative demonstration of using a PCB’s foundational layers to craft a unique art piece. Designed to be worn on a lanyard, the Pathlighter PCB acts as a beacon, lighting up the night and ensuring safety for its wearers.

This innovative PCB made its debut in an electronics education group and has since been featured in soldering workshops at ToorCamp 2022 and Chaos Communication Camp ’23. Its design is particularly well-suited for larger events where workshop demand often outstrips available resources. The Pathlighter PCB’s efficient design allows newcomers to complete their project in approximately 20 minutes. This swift completion rate creates a “revolving door” dynamic in the workshop, allowing for a continuous flow of participants and maximizing educational outreach.

Having been taught to over 450 students so far, the Pathlighter PCB workshop has been a delightful experience to teach students how to solder and to earn a unique wearable art piece. Each participant not only learns valuable skills but also becomes an honorary member of the Glow Club. May we all shine brighter together through these shared experiences.


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