Animatronic Dinosaur and Insect Fabrication

From 2008 to 2013, I held the position of Senior Artist and Art Director’s Assistant at Billings Productions, also known as The Dinosaur Company & The Giant Bug Company. My journey with them began as a painter, and over the years, I progressed through various roles, including Painting Lead, Sculptor and Mold-Maker, Exhibition Installation and Maintenance Specialist, and Computer/Animatronic Electronics Researcher and Designer. More about the company and its work can be found at [Billings Productions](

During my tenure, I gained extensive experience in every aspect of production. I became proficient in a wide array of processes including animatronics, sculpting, mold making, casting, feather and hair application, welding, airbrushing, production design, exhibit installation, and maintenance. My role required versatility and adaptability, allowing me to take on any task necessary to ensure project completion.

In addition to my in-house responsibilities, I frequently traveled across the U.S. for on-site installation and maintenance work. The volume of work was substantial and demanded a high level of discipline to meet the production expectations. Although I have a personal preference for dedicating more time to each project to achieve a refined aesthetic, my experiences at Billings Productions taught me the value and skill of producing large volumes of work swiftly and efficiently. This ability to balance quality with speed has been a consistently beneficial skill in my professional journey.

Production Art projects at Billings Productions

overview of some of the projects I've worked on as a production artist while employed at Billings Productions in Texas.

This is a video demo of my production work, which was submitted for the 2013 Flight School Fellowship in Pittsburgh, PA

In 2011, we achieved a groundbreaking milestone in animatronics by constructing the world’s first fully feathered dinosaur designed for outdoor exhibitions. This project was a collaborative effort with a paleontologist, ensuring that our representation of the creature was as accurate and realistic as possible, based on its known living conditions and survival traits. This endeavor not only showcased our technical expertise but also our commitment to scientific accuracy and educational value in bringing prehistoric life to the modern world.

In addition to creating life-size dinosaurs, we also created larger than life insects for outdoor exhibitions.