early fine art works

My original mediums of choice were ceramics and painting.  I was adamant about working with ceramics because I felt that it was a medium that would always have something new to learn about.  The glaze chemistry process was fascinating and I loved experimenting with my own formulas.  I began to move away from ceramics when I realized everything I made was going to be a vessel.  Same with painting, no matter how much I poured myself into my work, it was always going to be a flat 2d image on the wall.  Around this time, I discovered electronics and was completely captivated with it.  This was the beginning of the next phase in my artistic career…

Ink, Watercolor 18×24
acrylic, cardboard ~24″x36″
acrylic, plywood ~2’x4′
acrylic, cardboard ~36″ x 48″
acrylic, plywood 2’x4′
acrylic, latex ~4’x8′
latex, billboard tarp, cannon ~2′ x 16′
acrylic, circuit board, ~8″x12″
watercolor ~24″ x 36″
acrylic, collage, cardboard ~6″ x 36″
fungus, wood, guitar strings, and tuning pegs
ceramics, distressed copper, pit fire
pastel, charcoal, butcher paper, ~4′ x 16′
handmade sketchbook, carbon, pastel, ~10″ x 16″
clay, bamboo
clay, hand-mixed glaze