Chicago-based Electronic Workshop Series

In spring of 2017 I organized and taught a series of electronic workshops in Chicago, IL. The were taught at Nicolas Collins sonic arts class at SAIC (School of Art Institute in Chicago), Jesse Seays electronic arts class at Columbia College, and at Chicago’s biggest and oldest hackerspace Pumping Station: One .  We experimented with different sound applications and the students at Pumping Station: One learned how to solder and read schematics.


The circuit boards I designed for the workshop series were donated by OshPark, which greatly contributed to the success of this workshop series by helping absorb the cost of the PCB production.  Huge thank you to Drew Fustini and OshPark for your support!


Workshop at SAIC in Nicolas Collins hardware hacking class


Footage from Jesse Seays Electronics class at Columbia College.


Darcy Neal and Nicolas Collins

Nicolas Collins is the author to the excellent electronics book Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking, which served as a big inspiration in my early years, so I was very honored to be able to attend and teach a workshop for his electronics class at SAIC.


Footage form the electronics workshop held at Pumping Station: One.  Thanks to Jesse Seay for helping with the organization of this event!