EMF sensor badge

This is a work in progress for the EMF sensor badge workshop.

This PCB is an electromagnetic frequency sensing circuit that lets you listed to the world of hidden electromagnetic frequencies around you. So much can be discovered through sound. The way that bluetooth signals sound when they are connecting. How cellphones sound when they are accessing the internet. What a laptop touchpad sounds like when it detects touch. The electronics world is emmiting sounds around us all the time that we are mostly unaware of.

This EMF PCB is designed to be soldered as a part of a group workhsop. The components have been picked out so that each value has a different footprint type, making it easier to get component placement correct. The completed PCB can be worn as a badge on a lanyard, and used to illuminate yourself at night, and to sniff out hidden frequencies anytime with the use of headphones. No electronics experience is required to appreciate and use this badge, and it’s a great way to learn more about your world by hearing the different properties of our surroundings. The circuit design was chosen to run on two AAA batteries, and is tested to confirm low power consumption, so the batteries will last for an entire event and beyond.

This design was adapted from this Make magazine tutorial, which used a 9v battery. I chose a low powered low voltage op amp for better portability and battery life. Design files coming soon on my GitHub page.

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