Sonic Textiles

Exploring textiles as a medium for interactive art, I aimed to design pieces that were not only aesthetically pleasing but also compact, flexible, and portable. My vision was to create a textile-based device that would enhance the visual aspect of my performances while being convenient to transport. The culmination of this effort was a visually appealing polyphonic USB controller that is also remarkably thin, composed of just a few layers of material, and extremely portable.

During my artist residency at Sou’ Wester Arts Week, I successfully completed a working demo unit. This prototype was not only an important proof of concept, but also served as an interactive exhibit for others to experience.

Looking ahead, I plan to employ flexible PCBs and CNC equipment for future versions. This approach will streamline the production process, enhancing the durability, portability, and consistency of new controllers. This project stands as a testament to the innovative potential of textiles in interactive art, merging functionality with artistic expression.

The initial concept for this e-textile controller came to life during a two day Hackertrain event, which was an innovative gathering that brought together artists and hackers from across the West Coast & beyond. All participants boarded the same train, converging on a singular, exciting destination: SuperCon at Hackaday headquarters in Pasadena, CA. This unique environment provided the perfect backdrop for the birth of the first iteration of the e-textile controller, blending the creative energies of diverse individuals in a dynamic setting.


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