Flaming Lips interactive LED sculptures

In a collaborative venture with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, we embarked on an ongoing project to create a series of sound-reactive lighting sculptures. Each sculpture operated as a standalone music box unit, equipped with an embedded microcontroller. This setup enabled the precise triggering of audio and lighting effects based on the frequencies detected in the songs, which were stored on a removable SD card.

Our primary focus was on creating custom-built sculptures where the lighting dynamically interacted with onboard audio through FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) analysis. This integral process involved designing custom sound reactive controllers for the RGB lighting and designing the audio playback system, adding dynamic visual and audible elements to the sculptures. Our work encompassed everything from custom circuit design, software development for sound processing and lighting control, precision CNC routed circuit housing, and the molding and casting of sculptural objects in crystal-clear resin.

Working with my production studio LadyBrain Studios, we worked with various mediums such as circuit design, custom programmed sound processing, CNC routed circuit housing, molded and cast crystal clear resin designs. Thanks to Haley Moore, the co-founder of LadyBrain Studios and to programmers Oguz Yetkin, Adam Love, and Ed Krohne.  


Freshly cast flaming lips skull

Later red versions of the Flaming Lips Skulls

Prototype 1 and V2
Flaming Lips skull Prototype V1 and V2
Darcy Neal and Haley Moore of LadyBrain Studios
Darcy Neal and Haley Moore of LadyBrain Studios



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