Trash Hackers Collective

Trash Hackers Collective emerged as a grassroots initiative dedicated to pioneering new methods of repurposing discarded plastic. Our core mission is to harness and amplify community potential in transforming plastics, particularly those lacking local recycling pathways, into valuable resources rather than contributing to landfill waste. Our collective role has been pivotal in developing the necessary equipment and techniques, with my emphasis on meticulously documenting processes, and establishing safety protocols to creatively and safely repurpose these plastics.

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Trash Hackers Collective unites a dynamic group of artists, technologists, engineers, designers, educators, and learners. Together, we are committed to demystifying and comprehensively understanding the intricacies of plastic recycling. Our collective expertise and diverse perspectives are key in uncovering new insights into the myriad opportunities, challenges, and unexpected discoveries encountered in our hands-on approach to plastic recycling. Our goal is to share our experiences and findings from local-scale plastic recycling initiatives, contributing to a broader understanding of this critical environmental issue.



Initial Explorations in Shaping Plastic through Injection Molding Techniques



Ongoing Experimental Series: Transforming Melted Plastics into Sheets and Crafting New Forms through Laser Cutting


Showcase from the Trash Hackers Collective Gallery Exhibition at Paragon Arts Center, Summer 2019: A Display of Unique Creations by Myself and Fellow Members

Highlight: Multicolor Extruded Beam, Expertly Lathe-Sliced to Reveal Colorful Inner Layers


Interactive Shredding Booth for Public Recycling Demonstrations and Custom-Made Pendant Tokens by Alice Rotsztain for Participants