Trash Hackers Collective

I have recently turned my artistic focus towards working with new and innovative ways to work with discarded plastic, in hopes of unlocking the ability to work with this seemingly endless resource.  We have hosted several public events educating the community on how they can participate in reducing their impact on plastic in the waste-stream through innovated recycling techniques.  We are actively collecting specific kinds of plastic from the community and repurposing it in our studio space at Yale Union Contemporary Arts Center.  More info can be found at

Trash Hackers Collective is an ad-hoc group of artists, technologists, engineers, designers, educators, and learners all interested in demystifying and understanding plastic recycling. We bring our diverse skills and perspectives to gain insights into the opportunities, challenges, and surprises as we all attempt hands-on plastic recycling. We hope that communicating our lessons from local-scaled plastic recycling can help others better understand this issue.”

Trash Hackers Collective is based on the 5 founding members of an all-female crew:

Darcy Neal is a new media artist, creative technologist, and educator. Neal is a founding member, artist, and musician of Lady Brain Studios. (

Midori Hirose is a sculptor, curator, educator, Plastic Vision founder/educator/maker, and FORM+ADX AiR founding coordinator. (

Emma Prichard is the owner of Plastic Lizard Recycling, LLC. She is a trained ecologist and was inspired to start Plastic Lizard because of the plastic crisis facing our lakes, rivers, and oceans. (

Francesca Frattaroli has a degree in mechanical engineering, with an emphasis in environmental (methane) sensor development, and is a STEAM coordinator/designer at PCC. (

Alice Rotsztain is a Metro master recycler (class 71), creator of Plarn Lab, and a producer of public workshops. (


Early experiments using injection molding to form new shapes.



A collection of ongoing experiments with melting various plastics into sheets and lasercutting it into new forms.


Images from our Trash Hackers gallery show at Paragon Arts Center, summer 2019.  Wares were created by myself and members of Trash Hackers Collective

Section of an extruded beam made by Plastic Lizard Recycling, carefully sliced by Chau Doan of Mopwerks, LLC


Examples of the interactive shredding booth I made for public recycling demonstrations, as well as the pendants made by Alice Rotsztain to serve as tokens for participators of the recycling demo.