led touch wall

In 2017 I was asked to create an interactive installation for the Array Festival in Dallas, Tx.  I wanted to create a wall-hanging interactive installation that would invite users to play a musical performance that would be durable enough for installation in a public setting.  Having worked with Thomas Hudson and CTRLH in the past on his interactive cube installation, I decided to repurpose that existing hardware to work for this installation as a way to continue the momentum.  The programming was primarily written by Zac Archer and Gus Reiter helped to create the trailing light effects.  I built all of the electronic hardware and assembled the custom enclosure, which utilized a CNC milled wood baffling frame, acrylic diffusers, abs dividers, and piezoelectric sensors.  I would like to take this same electronic configuration and repurpose it for future sculptural ideas.

The electronics were all pre-assembled in Portland, OR and the hardware enclosure was all built at the Dallas Makerspace a few weeks prior to the event.