Cascade Fab Lab

In 2017, I had the honor of being recruited as the STEAM Coordinator for the Fab Lab academic makerspace at Portland Community College. My journey with the Fab Lab began when they enlisted my help to set up their new CNC router, a task that eventually led to a more permanent role.

In this capacity, I focused on adapting the Fab Lab to the specific needs of an academic environment. I took on the task of developing new tutorial documentation. This material was designed to complement and enhance the existing training resources for students, making the learning process more accessible and comprehensive. With the residual budget, I undertook the initiative to revamp the CNC equipment at the facility, ensuring that they were up-to-date, accessible, and fully functional.

The Fab Lab at PCC Cascade operates every term and is a hub of creativity and learning. It’s open to all students and staff, providing a supportive maker environment where they can acquire new skills and work on their projects. My role as the STEAM Coordinator was a fulfilling experience, allowing me to contribute to the nurturing and growth of this vibrant maker community.

Cascade Campus' Fab Lab

Located in the Paragon Arts Center at PCC Cascade campus is the highly anticipated Fab Lab. The 1,500 square foot space hosts the Fab Lab, printmaking facility, and community art demonstrating PCC Cascade’s commitment to art, community and STEAM education.

The Fab Lab is fully equipped with digital fabrication technology, such as a CNC router, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, and 3D printers.

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