Exploring Soft Circuitry Workshop

In this workshop, participants were immersed in the fundamental design principles essential for crafting soft circuitry. The session was structured to guide students through the process of designing their first functional soft circuit prototype. As part of the comprehensive introduction, I presented an array of techniques prevalent in e-textiles and soft circuitry applications. This included an introduction to basic schematic interpretation and circuit design, equipping students with the knowledge to create their own fabric circuits using materials like vinyl cut copper foil and conductive copper tape.

One of the highlights of the workshop was demonstrating how these techniques could be applied to create fabric speakers. To further the hands-on learning experience, I programmed microcontroller ICs for the class, allowing participants to directly engage with building and testing their own circuits throughout the course. This practical approach not only reinforced the theoretical aspects covered but also provided students with a tangible sense of achievement and a solid foundation for further exploration in the field of soft circuitry.

This workshop was debuted at Make+Think+Code Lab at Pacific Northwest College of Art.