Interactive Twister Music Hackathon

In this project, I explored the intersection of collaborative creation and interactive technology. My role involved conceptualizing and designing a large-scale interactive piece, with a focus on creating a framework for a project that was meant to be completed as a group, which resulted in a highly interactive piece that merged both art and technology. The initial phase consisted of prototyping and programming, laying the groundwork for a more expansive collaborative effort.

The project was structured into a series of steps, each designed to be sequentially and independently achievable within a group setting. This approach facilitated a weekend-long hackathon, where I, along with approximately eight assistants, dedicated eight hours to the construction, assembly, and refinement of the piece. Our collective efforts culminated in the creation of an interactive MIDI Twister board.

This piece, a fusion of artistic vision and technical expertise, has since been featured in various CETI events. It stands as an example of how technology can be harnessed to create engaging, interactive art experiences, and reflects a commitment to the collaborative process in artistic endeavors.



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