Sonic Wear: Soft Speaker Workshop

This workshop delved into the intricacies of speaker technology, with a special emphasis on the construction of soft speakers.

Central to the workshop was an exploration of electromagnetism principles and their application in speaker design. Through a blend of theoretical and practical sessions, attendees gained hands-on experience in creating experimental speakers. Utilizing innovative techniques, they employed vinyl cutters and copper foil sheets to craft their own unique speakers.

For those interested in the detailed process and discussions of this, recordings of this workshop, along with livestreams other workshops hosted during this series, are available. These recordings offer a glimpse into the depth of learning and creativity fostered during the event, showcasing the intersection of technology, art, and education.


This workshop was debuted at Portland State University at the CETI Institute as a part of a multi-day learning series.  Over several days, participants were immersed in a comprehensive learning experience that encompassed the essentials of microcontrollers, electronics, and e-textiles.

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