The Dynamandala will be on display Feb 2-3 & 9-10, 6–10 PM for the Portland Winter Lights Festival. Click for more info.

The Dynacontroller is the user interface that was built for the DynaMandala project, which embodies a profound exploration of the intertwining realms of sight, sound, and interaction.

The Dynacontroller invites invites participants to actively engage with the DynaMandala, completing the artwork through their interaction. It’s a responsive touch-reactive instrument, unique in the hands of each player, creating a mesmerizing fusion of patterns and sounds that are as individual as the players themselves. 

Technologically, the DynaMandala stands at the forefront of creative coding, harnessing the power of the latest generation of Real-Time 3D technology. The DynaController, a custom-built MIDI-activated sculpture, allows visitors to interact with the project. Through this interface, they control the lights displayed on the screen and the sounds emitted from a quadrophonic speaker system, enveloping the space.

Ultimately, the DynaMandala is a celebration of life and a testament to the collaborative nature of our existence. It is an invitation to experience and contribute to a shared journey of artistic and spiritual exploration.


The Dynamandala is the brainchild of Stefan Henry Biskup III. He created Dynamandala using custom scripting in Unreal Engine. The Dynacontroller was designed, built and programmed by Darcy Neal, and the LED animations were programmed by Daniel Young.